Young Entrepreneurs

I recently read an article stating that the number of young entrepreneurs is the lowest it has been in 24 years. I was surprised because it seems to be such a trendy, “cool” thing. Then, I started to think about it and realized that I can count the amount of real entrepreneurs under the age of 25 I know on one hand. I had assumed since so many claim to be entrepreneurs there would be a few that claim that actually are, but sadly I was wrong. When you look at “young entrepreneurs” you typically see four groups, three of which are fake entrepreneurs.

Group 1: The multi-level marketing kids. They are typically money-obsessed, immature, and illogical assuming that they will be driving a Bentley, wearing a Rolex, and dating a supermodel in a year thanks to selling an energy drink. Very big into talking about hustling, getting money, and, lastly, very big into the “fake it till you make it” mindset.

Group 2: The idea kids. The kids have an idea, social media to talk about the idea, and that is it. They have no hustle, business experience, patience, or money. They use their lack of money as an excuse to explain why their “company” has done nothing. They also have such a poor understanding of the businesses they expect to launch presuming clients will just roll in.

Group 3: The money kids. The money kids have rich parents who typically started from the bottom and worked their way to where they are. But their “entrepreneur” kid who wants to be just like his dad feels entitled and convinced he should start at the top. Because of that, the company does get started despite a non-existent work ethic. The company goes nowhere, but due to the whole rich parents thing, he can fake it for a long time.

Group 4: Young entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs are hard to find, but they do thankfully exist. They typically put in the work, hustle very hard, don’t make excuses, very rarely, if ever, talk about money in a selfish way, and are very focused on helping others/providing value.

Yes there are exceptions to everything including everything I just wrote, but the entire point of this post is one thing. Things are never what they seem to be. I thought young entrepreneurs were everywhere, but when I truly observed, I was greatly wrong.

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