You Might Be A Fake Entrepreneur If

Your ‘company’ doesn’t have a website yet and every time someone asks, you say, “it’s in progress.”

Your website is a drag and drop website from GoDaddy, no real business has a 99 cent website. (At least use squarespace… Wait you are too fake to know what squarespace is.)

Your business cards have an email address.

Your business cards are one sided. (For real who has one sided business cards?)

You tell people you are an entrepreneur, yet you have never worked full time for yourself.

You think a business degree means something.

You are in a pyramid company. (Multi level marketing company, my bad.)

You sleep at night.

You have been working on your ‘business’ for 3 years and still don’t have a product.

You make excuses… Daily.

You got an entrepreneur degree.

You post inspirational quotes 24/7 (Please get a life).

That’s all for now, if you like share it, if you don’t tell me why. Thanks!!

Also watch this wonderful @GaryVee video about fake entreprenuers:

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