Why I Value People

Most of my relationships are very deep; a lot of people, over the years, have often wondered where that desire to build deep relationships comes from. I will happily answer that question in this blog post.

Your past shapes your future…. Well, in my case it did. I was homeschooled from 2nd grade on, so my opportunity to meet people, have friends, and not be a homeschool stereotype was slim to none. I did make friends, but pretty much all of them were elderly people in their 80s, which turned out to be great. The men and women I became friends with cherished me for who I was, deeply valued me, and showed me what friendships should be like.

While I had my old friends, I also had a few friends my age who, quite honestly, treated me awful, which is where the shift happened for me. I remember making a commitment as a young adult: “If I ever call someone my friend, I will value and cherish them.” Fake friendships are something I simply do not do.

Why I value people Is incredibly simple and rooted in something that must of us in middle Tennessee have heard our entire life: “Just as you want others to do for you, do the same for them”  (Luke 6:31). My faith by no means was strong, but I had enough faith to know that if I treat others how I like to be treated, the effect would be life altering…. It was.

I end with this: You were created in the image of God; you are incredibly valuable, but not just you. Every man on this earth, regardless of social status, ethnicity or religion is valuable…. So, value them, and, just like in my life, the effects will be phenomenal.

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