Why I Hate Multi Level Marketing

I want to start by saying “hate” is a very strong word and one that I do not use lightly. If you are in MLM, read this with an open mind, think about the words you are reading, and please process what I am saying.

I am obsessed with providing exceptional value; I believe that is the key to building successful relationships and companies. The simple truth is this: Most multi-level marketing companies DO NOT PROVIDE value. It is so sad, but so true. You see, companies that provide value have a natural growth effect an effect where people seek them out, instead of them seeking people out; an effect where people who do not work for the company talk about how great it is; an authentic and real effect.

Here is what multi-level marketing companies fail to understand: “People buy why you do it, not what you do.” People in multi-level marketing love money, not value. Their “why” is not some great mission; it’s to make money. Money is a byproduct of exceptional value, but here is the catch: providing exceptional value is hard. It takes time, hard work, and passion.

There is a reason they are called get rich quick SCHEMES. That term didn’t just evolve overnight. It happened when people kept getting screwed over by the same business model over and over again. This raises the question of how does a new MLM company start daily? The answer is that it’s a very easy “company” to start. Find a product, rebrand it, find street-smart, money-driven fools to bug/sell enough people, and eventually, you and the fools will make money.

So why do I hate MLM? It gives people false hope on how you build a future; it ruins relationships and plays into the weakness of greedy and desperate people. Do you agree or disagree with me? Write your thoughts in the comments below, or email me at [email protected]

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