Why I Do Not Drink

Continuing my series of why I do or do not do things, today, I am answering the question that people ask me all the time: “Why don’t you drink?” I am asked this question a minimum of three times a week because, apparently, me not drinking is life-altering to people.

I’ve spent most my life going against the grain and being extremely authentic. In kindergarten, the teacher asked the 20 kids in the room who wanted to be president of the United States when they grew up. I was the only one not to raise his hand. When the teacher asked me why, I responded by saying, “It’s too hard of a job.” (I was five years old.) Fast-forward to high school when everyone was having their first alcoholic beverages. I decided that I would try a sip of everything. To this day, I have never had a beer or wine that I thoroughly enjoyed the taste of. Reason one for why I don’t drink? I dislike the taste.

I don’t like Celtic music either, so even if my friends, family, or everyone else liked it, I would never start listening to it. I strive to be real because being real is being myself, and being yourself is the most relieving thing in the world. When people love you, they love you for you. When you are fake/not yourself, people love an image, not you. Reason two why I don’t drink? I’m not fake. Since I don’t like it, drinking it would automatically make me fake in my opinion.

I’m insanely comfortable in my skin, not in a narcissist way but in a way that is proud of the man God is developing me to be. With that being said, I hate when I don’t feel normal. Reason three why I don’t drink? I hate the feeling.

I want to end by saying I have no problem with drinking whatsoever and I have only stated the reasons why I personally don’t drink. I also left out how ridiculously expensive alcohol is, and honestly, even if I did enjoy it, I’d rather spend my money on clothes and Chipotle.

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