What Motivates Me

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From young college students to old business men, I am asked one question very frequently…

“What motivates you?”

I would love to give the Christian answer and say “God motivates me.” Although this would be a 100% true answer–my relationship with Christ does motivate me to do most things–,it would not be the answer people are looking for. When people are asking that question they are asking what motivates me not to: be a loser, waste time, follow trends, have fear, and act like everyone else my age. The truth is that I had not found a solid answer. For someone like me, who talks all the time and can answer any question, it always blew my mind that something so simple could not be answered… Then someone worded it just slightly differently and I was able to clearly and confidently answer the question. This is what he asked:

“After you have hit success what motivated you to keep growing? You could have just chilled.”

Right then it clicked. The answer was just there, and everything made sense.

My Future Motivates Me.

Why does my future motivate me? I want a wife and children. I want to disciple to others. I want to scale at least 15 more businesses. I want an exotic car collection. I want my future kids to wear suits matching mine or dresses matching my wife’s. (I’m ridiculous, I know.) These wants, 90% of which are not material, motivate me. There are hundred reasons why I didn’t “chill” or “go sell cars”, but here are the top 5:

  1. I am winner; I am not a loser.
  2. My self confidence is ridiculously high.
  3. I listened to the audiobook of Crush It by Gary Varynerchuk.
  4. I’ve known since I was 12 and now, 8 years later, I still know that now is the absolute best time in the world to try things. Because, truth is, you have almost no responsibilities at this age.
  5. I truly feel like God has put me where He wants me, and that wasn’t on some couch or in a car lot.

I want to make it very clear that it is not just success that motivates me. He could have asked: “After you kept failing what motivated you to keep going? You could have just took any job?” My answer would have been the exact same. Despite failure or success, its my future that truly motivates me. What motivates you? I want to know!

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