Take Control

No one on earth likes complainers, especially complainers who complain about things they made active decisions to do. I was scrolling through Facebook (sometimes I love to waste minutes of my life I will never get back), and I came across this Facebook status: “Wanna know what’s not fun? Driving 4 hours (hungover) to get on another plane (hungover) and then having security go through your stuff (hungover).” Quick question: if it’s not fun, why on earth did you do it?

I own a company because I set out to start and build one. In the same way, a bunch of people hate life because they set out to hate it. Don’t like being hung over? Don’t drink. Don’t like being broke? Fix it. You are an adult who is not only in control but fully capable of living an excellent life, so step up and make things happen.

You cannot luck your way into a great life; it takes active steps

I don’t write this post as someone who has it all figured out, as someone who has never complained, or as a mistake-free man. I write this post as someone who has had a taste of a better life and is now in rapid pursuit of it. Life is too short and precious to waste it complaining. You are way too valuable and loved way too much by your Heavenly Father to enjoy and take pride in a meaningless life. You were created to be someone special and set apart, not to sit around and complain.

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