I believe the path to becoming a billionaire is to provide billions of dollars worth of value to the world, and more specifically my clients. This commitment to helping my clients save time and money is why I spend a few hours every week searching the web finding the best tools, products, and services.

Below is a list of my favorites

Slack – Slack is the best communication tool ever made. Here’s a Video Overview. Link to sign-up for free and learn more. – Atina is a glorified spreadsheet, but it’s my favorite project management tool. It can be a little buggy, and it has no iPhone app, but I still love it. Learn More – Product Hunt is where I find the latest and greatest 80% of the time. Learn More – Coolors is a free app that instantly gives you incredible color palettes. It even allows you to put in your own color or colors, and then it finds other colors that go perfectly with your colors. I don’t know why it’s free or why they are not forcing me to sign-up so they can sell my data, but I am obsessed with the app. Learn More

Secrets – There are many password managers out there, so I don’t know if Secrets is the best, but I love the app. Learn More

Newton – Newton is the greatest mail app ever. There is nothing more I need to say. Learn More

Sketch – Sketch is my favorite visual design tool. It’s powerful, but also crazy easy to use. Unlike Adobe Illustrator which is powerful, and impossible to use. Learn More

Calendly – Calendly makes it easy for anyone to book a meeting with you. I use it to schedule and manage the bookings of 15+ podcast episodes I record on a weekly basis. Learn More

Checkout by Zoho – This is what I use to handle all my recurring and one time online payments. I have tried many things, including building my own system and this is by far my favorite. Learn More

Zencastr – Zencastr is what I use to record podcasts. I’m not saying it’s the best, but I’ve yet to see anything better/easier to use. Learn More

QuickGIF! – Full disclosure: This is my app. Hard to tell by the name of it, but it’s the quickest way to create a GIF from your iPhone. Link to download it for FREE

Sony A7R Mark I – This camera is fantastic! It’s compact, durable, and my it transfers the full resolution photo to my iPhone in seconds. Link to purchase/learn more

Smallchat – Smallchat is a live chat software that works directly in Slack. It’s affordable, fast, and easy to use. Learn more (If you want something more powerful, check out Drift)

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