How I Got Into Web Design

At the age of 10, I remember designing things using Microsoft paint on my mom’s computer. I always remember being design- and business-obsessed since a young age, an obsession which still exists to this day. Around the age of 12, I got my first computer and continued to “design” things and poorly edit photos that I thought looked cool.

At the age of 16, I got my first Mac, and my world was changed; then, I discovered an easier version of photoshop called Pixelmator, and my world was changed again. As much as I liked designing things, I had never met a rich graphic designer, and I hated the fact that everyone thought they were a graphic designer, so I started looking elsewhere.

I remember watching people be blown away by any website since it was online and new, and then seeing beautiful graphic design not be impressed. Egotistical me went, “I want people to be blown away by the work I do!” Right there begin the journey of becoming an entrepreneur who could design websites.

Six years later, and four years since I have been doing it professionally, I have created over 130 websites, worked with companies of literally all sizes, met the coolest people, and, most importantly, used my skills and the skills of the OneNine team to transform clients’ businesses.

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