Here Is What I Learned

On March 8th, I turn 21. In my 20th year I have learned so much that I am truly blown away and immensely excited for what year 21 has in store. Here is what I have learned in the past year:

  1. Relationship marketing is everything, and it should be. I am so focused on an ROI of 5 years from now that all I want to do is meet, network, and grow awesome relationships. By doing this for the past year I have seen doors and connections open in places I would never expect them to, and I absolutely love where my companies and I are heading.
  2. You maybe can’t get a lot done in a month, but you can get a lot done in a year. This past year I have accomplished a lot and failed a lot, which ultimately lead to me learning a lot.
  3. Hustle and hard work will produce results. I cannot control what my competition does, how our economy is, and if the sun will come up tomorrow, but I can control how hard I work and hustle.
  4. Image matters. I have always THOUGHT this, but my 20th year showed and confirmed how image matters… Not in the way I thought though. Wearing a suit or wearing jeans does not matter that much, but tweeting that someone sucks (even with prominent reason) does matter, and leaves a terrible representation of who you are.
  5. I am addicted to Chick-fil-A.

That is just a few things I have learned this year, as always I would love to know your thoughts… Also, what have you learned in the past year?

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