So, happiness is something that is talked about frequently.  For a while I was so confused by that; because 98% of the time I am happy, and it made no sense to me why people strive so hard for something that is so easy to obtain…. So, here is why I am happy 98% of the time, regardless of the situation:

  1. Christ. I could write a book or two of the joy I experience through my relationship with Christ. But I keep it very short and say this: I find an immense amount of joy in my personal relationship with Christ.
  2. Selflessness. I don’t focus on myself directly a lot, and I think it plays a huge role in my happiness. I’ve been around a lot of self-centered people and they are always looking for things to fulfil them because it is always about them. In the end they are miserable. It’s hard to help them because our society is very focused on living a self-centered life. So, they fall into the trap of thinking that since they have problems, then they should focus on themselves even more.
  3. I am typically focused on things that matter in my opinion like: Christ, relationships, my companies, food, and animals. I am never focused on partying, the Kardashians, complaining, or hating on others.
  4. Bentley. I am not even trying to be funny; his huge adorable face makes me    happy… Look how cute he is!
  5. Awesome friends. I have said this before; I don’t hang out with losers. My friends range from investment bankers to baristas, and all of them are awesome in life and at what they do.

So that’s what makes and keeps me happy; what makes and keeps YOU happy?

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