Don’t Be Like Katy Beth

“With pride, there are many curses. With humility, there come many blessings.” – Ezra Taft Benson

The simple truth is that as an entrepreneur, you will constantly run into people who are against you for no apparent reason. People who challenge everything you say, but not in a good/positive/constructive way. Below is the story of a girl named Katy Beth who challenged me gathering feedback for a new service my company OneNine is launching.

March 30th at 6:19 PM I post this:

And she replies:

Obviously she couldn’t wait to tear apart my personal website, but that’s not what I was referencing so it did not matter. Nonetheless she offered to help, so I sent the link! Below is how the conversation went:

For reference we market ourselves as a company that creates exceptional websites from scratch for businesses and individuals all over the world. Continued…

At this point it was going no where, so I pretty much stopped replied, and posted the above screenshots to instagram to get the opinion of my followers.

Anyhow, the entire point of this blog post is if you don’t like someone, and nothing they do effects you, then remove them from your life. Focus on building people up, or building yourself if you are unable to pour into others. Focus on creating an impact of good. Focus on positive returns on your investments of time and mental capacity.

Lastly, if you’re starting something do not IGNORE criticism. Do not DISMISS feedback. Consider the source though.


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